What Is Bowen?

How Bowen Works

As a unique form of neuromuscular patterning, the Bowen Technique works primarily through the autonomic nervous system to align and balance the body both structurally and energetically. During a Bowen session, the body is “programmed” to a chemically balanced state of restoration in order to activate healing. Practitioners predominately use their thumbs and fingers on a prescribed area of the body to perform precise Bowen moves which work with the body’s natural circulation. These moves elicit neuro-chemical responses in the body, immediately bringing the body from a state of chronic stress to restoration. At this point, the body’s natural healing mechanisms are triggered.

When the body is attempting to function in an unnatural state of perpetual stress (our fight-or-flight/protective mode) our innate healing systems gradually shut down.

Subsequent illness and injury ensue, and a pain/ spasm cycle becomes constant. In a Bowen session, as the body moves out of a perpetual stress mode, deep relaxation is induced almost immediately. As the body receives the Bowen signals, it processes this information and readjusts accordingly. (Similar to “re-booting” your computer.)

With Bowen Therapy, the body is always the master healer. At times the present complaint isn’t the first one to be resolved. The healing body may have underlying imbalances that need to be addressed first. In these cases, some clients experience relief from symptoms. This is a good sign. It means deep level healing is occurring. After this phase is complete, clients experience relief from symptoms and a deeper sense of health.

A Brief History of Bowen

Bowen originated in Australia in the 1950’s from Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982) and arrived in the U.S. (Auburn, CA) in the later 1980’s. Worldwide, Bowen is recognized for its ability to effectively treat pain and promote healing on all levels.

Tom Bowen developed the system under the premise that the human body has an innate capacity to repair and heal itself, given the right resources, without invasive therapy such as medication or surgery.

Essentially, Mr. Bowen possessed a genius-level of understanding and knowledge of how the body works to heal itself. Mr. Bowen operated an extremely busy practice from his Geelong clinic, performing about 13,000 treatments per year as verified in 1975 by the Victorian government inquire into alternative healthcare professionals in Australia.

The Bowen Technique was brought from Australia to the United States by the late Milton Albrecht of Auburn, California.

Currently, the Bowen Technique is taught in at least 24 countries.

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