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Like many, I had never heard of Bowen until I had a random conversation with someone who had injured his back, bulging disks, from an automobile accident. When he mentioned that Bowen therapy completely eliminated the pain in 4 sessions, I had to try this! Having lived with lower back pain for years, in 48 hours I was there. I was amazed at how relaxed I became. What was most surprising is that I was barely being touched, and left with no pain. With more sessions, other symptoms of other past injuries disappeared.

Nine Bowen sessions later, I was convinced that this was a healing system that could help so many others, that I had to learn how to do Bowen. I had always had a passion for helping people to heal and this was the way. I would spend the next two years putting adding to my knowledge, training, and practice of my new endeavor. There is such pleasure in seeing people’s pain disappear and get their life back.

In my Bowen training, I discovered it to be even more powerful than in my sessions. I experienced it not only myself, but through my Bowen clients. It really gets results.

Pat Beckham, CBP, holds a B.S. from Florida State University. As a Bowen Practitioner, she has studied Bowen Therapy through Bowen Healing Systems, Raymond Augustyniak, PhD.,RBTI, in Sacramento, CA. Raymond, a senior Bowtech® Instructor, was trained by the original Bowen Instructors in Australia.

Her advanced studies include the Sports Bowen series for immediate and long term trauma injuries, in addition to releases for better performance and endurance for the active and professional athlete. I also work with dogs, cats and horses.

Posted August 3, 2011 by spaceace11

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